Those who have experienced severe injury by the driver of a large truck accident understand the overwhelming situation caused by the crash. In addition to weeks and even months of hospitalization and expensive medical treatment, they undergo physical pain and suffering from truck accidents such as concussions and broken bones. They have been placed in a vulnerable position against their will and soon become the target of crooked insurance adjusters.

For someone in a distressed mental state, it is easy to accept whatever promise of financial alleviation the liable party’s insurance company will provide. In the aftermath of a first settlement offer, victims of large truck accidents also become the victims of unfair medical and vehicle compensation. To stand up for your rights as the target of injustice and secure the compensation you deserve, Strickland and Kendall’s personal injury attorneys are here to help with legal advice for responding to low settlement offers.

1). Refuse the First Offer

The temptation among victims of large truck accidents is to accept the first settlement offer insurance adjusters send while you are in the hospital, but the nature of their position and company provides ample distrust to refuse. Insurance companies, like other capitalistic empires, are for-profit businesses, which means they work for their own financial interests, not yours. Their goal is to minimize company money lost from crashes such as your large truck accident and increase their personal salary.

As with any case, your large truck accident is still under investigation and could mean the discovery of new evidence regarding what happened, liable parties, etc. Insurance adjusters realize their company’s compensation to you could increase in the long run and try to convince you to sign on their offer as early as possible. There are no legal consequences for saying no to their initial demands and you have the legal right to do so.

2). Investigate the Case

With the help of an experienced truck accident lawyer, you can begin to assemble facts and evidence that may increase your compensation in the case of a crash. They will read over online police reports as well as gather photographs, videos and other documentation related to your large truck accident so you can find out what really happened.

Under more scrutiny, other liable parties may be found out that are required to pay your medical and vehicle expenses besides just the driver. For example, the mechanic may have slacked in his maintenance duties before the truck left for delivery, which may have played a major role in the accident. The truck’s manufacturer and the company itself are other potential parties that might be legally bound to contribute to your recovery and personal injury claim.

3). Watch Your Medical Injuries

Oftentimes, victims do not need to be concerned about receiving medical compensation from their first settlement letter since their injuries almost always constitute recompense. However, claims adjusters will not only attempt to lowball the amount you receive but also base the amount on current injuries from your medical records.

Unforeseeable medical complications may arise later down the road that victims did not plan for and that settlement offers do not accommodate. If you decide to settle for a cheap settlement offer in the beginning that only covers what medical problems are visible, your condition may worsen over time and you will be forced to pay expensive medical bills for an accident you did not cause.

4). Write a Demand Letter

After you refuse the first settlement letter sent by insurance companies and work with an expert lawyer to investigate the case and monitor your medical injuries, it is time to write a demand letter. This piece of writing will outline the mistakes made by insurance adjusters in their estimates of your hospital expenses as well as any liable parties they might have missed. Experienced lawyers can also spot any illegal conduct on their part during your case so you can stay protected.

Again, you do not have to be a victim of a large truck accident and the deceptive practices of insurance adjusters. You have the legal right not only to refuse their first offer, but also counter with a demand letter to acquire the dollar amount they know they owe you but refuse to pay.

At Strickland and Kendall, our personal injury lawyers are committed to fighting for you during your case and representing you while you recover from physical and mental injuries. Our team’s mission is to serve you with professional legal services so you can rest easy knowing a reliable law firm represents your case and civil rights.

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