When someone is involved in an accident with a commercial truck or vehicle that leads to a wrongful death or personal injury case, it is extremely important to have sufficient evidence that supports the evidence of the case. Having strong evidence is the most successful way to win a personal injury lawsuit.

An experienced personal injury lawyer, specifically with truck accidents, will know the information they need to obtain but it is a good idea for the accident victim or their family members to also be familiar with the evidence for a truck accident claim so that they can assist or submit evidence if needed.

Photo Evidence of Your Accident

Immediately after the accident, if you are able, it is helpful for your case to gather as much photo evidence as possible. This is extremely easy to do in the 21st century with the assistance of smartphones.

Taking photographs of the damage to your vehicle, the commercial vehicle, road signs, skid marks on the road, and debris will help when it comes to accident reconstruction. It is also important to photographically document any injuries you sustained such as breaks, burns, cuts, bruises, and more.

Photo evidence is difficult to refute therefore it is better to have too much photo evidence than not enough. If you question whether or not you should take a photo of something pertaining to the scene of the accident, you should.

Accident Reports

A police officer that arrives at the scene of the accident will make and submit an official accident report. Assuring that they log all the necessary information is important, so answer all of their questions truthfully with all the information you have. You should request to receive a copy of this report for your own record keeping.

In truck accident cases, a certified truck inspector will examine the truck before it is removed from the scene. Typically state police will send for this inspector. The inspector will make a report of all damage and will check for vehicle defects or irregularities. They will also check apparent violations such as overload, tire conditions, and more. You should also request to receive a copy of this report for your records.

Other Accident Records

There are many records to be collected to assist in your truck accident injury claim. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires that truck drivers keep an hours of service log that tracks their driving time, break activity, and more. This record should be collected along with other information such as phone records, work history, drug and alcohol test results and other records of factors that may have contributed to the accident.

Technological Devices Reports

Many trucking companies employ the use of technology devices that can act as evidence for your case. Most commercial trucks contain a black box, like in airplanes, that records the speed of the truck before the accident, when the driver hit the brakes, and when the last time the vehicle had been turned off on a break. Your attorney will request a copy of all these necessary records.

Vehicles may also include technology such as dashboard cameras, inclinometers that measure the slope of the vehicle, or GPS devices. Information from any of these devices may aid in your case.

Gather Witness Testimony

Collecting testimony from witnesses such as other passengers, all persons involved in the accident, bystanders, and other eyewitnesses will strengthen your claim. Ensure that all names, contact information, and statements are collected at the scene of the accident and are filed with the police officer that arrives. You may request copies of these written or video testimonies.

Hiring an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney

Aside from collecting the proper evidence, the most important action for your personal injury claim as a truck accident victim is to hire an experienced attorney. This lawyer should be familiar with truck accident cases and should know the proper evidence that needs to be collected and the process for filing for copies of records.

The attorneys at Strickland and Kendall have years of experience representing victims of truck accidents and are prepared to seek the just compensation that you deserve. If you or a loved one have been involved in a truck accident and believe you have a strong personal injury claim, schedule an appointment with our legal team at 334.269.3230.