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Although the media has cried out against police brutality, these cases continue to skyrocket in America. We hate watching law enforcement punish innocent victims with unnecessary violence and force.

You can stop cities and police forces from covering up the evidence by calling us today. Our civil rights attorneys in Montgomery Alabama can help your family move forward by putting the crooked officer behind bars and getting your highest settlement.

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Refusing to accept “internal investigations,” we take action to bring law enforcement to justice. Our expert lawyers are not interested in only getting them fired: they must experience the full extent of the law and not receive special treatment.

File for Abuses of Law Enforcement Power

When the police bring excessive force, death, or violence to your family, petition for police brutality immediately.

Our civil rights attorneys in Alabama spring into action so your case doesn’t become another viral video or news story without resolution.

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    Excessive Force
    To secure an arrest or make you comply, an officer can jump into kicking, punching, or even beating you. It is unlawful in many cases when you had your hands up or when you were not a threat to anybody.

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    You or a loved one can undergo sexual abuse and rape at the hands of law enforcement. They can completely violate your civil rights and cause decades of emotional trauma and mental tragedy.

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    Wrongful Shooting
    It’s a common story that blacks and other minorities have been shot by officers where a reasonable officer wouldn’t. Your loved one should never have to die by an out-of-control officer.

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    Pepper Spray, Tasers, Nightsticks
    Police officers can resort to nasty violence when the situation has not escalated, or they assume it has. Expensive medical bills and ambulance rides can severely harm your financial picture, putting you and your kids in jeopardy.

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    False Arrest
    Before it is confirmed you or a loved one have committed a crime, you can be thrown behind bars. And an officer can even go as far as racially profiling and arresting a person of color or minority without any reason.


We Take Immediate Action Against Officers

Most larger firms treat you like a cog in a machine and leave you by yourself while the city and police force cover up the case and evidence. Our team, however, always stays in touch and always informs you what we’re doing.

We have private investigators, medical professionals, psychologists, and civil rights attorneys actively working to bring justice to you or your loved one. They spring into action against law enforcement the day you agree to work with our civil rights firm.

Committed to walking you through every step of filing a police brutality case, you can rely on our experienced attorneys to fight on your behalf. We have over 28 years of experience putting nasty officers behind bars and winning the settlement you deserve.

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Hear what our clients have to say

The night I received the message that one of my sisters, and an uncle who we looked upon as a family patriarch and loved like a brother, had been in serious accident with possibly life threatening injury, was one of the times in my life that my little world seemed to stop. The first week was filled with much stress as I was trying to handle insurance claims for my uncle, and my sister’s son was trying to handle her claims. I thought we could do it ourselves but it became very evident this was way over both of our heads. My husband had met Michael many years previously while working in sales, and always spoke highly of Michael as an attorney with good ethics and integrity. I agreed it was time to call Michael to find out how he could help.

In November 2016, a friend of mine gave me Michael’s number after my son was arrested for multiple felonies. I knew nothing about bail, criminal court, or what I could expect next. From day one, Michael was there to guide my son and I through the 18-month lawsuit that followed. Mr. Strickland made me as comfortable as I could be during the most difficult time of my life. His legal assistant, Debbie, also provided me with pep talks, mother to mother, as well as answered many of our questions. He kept us briefed and was always there to answer our concerns. Michael’s legal skills during the hearings made me glad he was on our side. At the final court date, we heard the phrase we have been waiting for: CHARGES DISMISSED. Mr. Strickland gave me my son back. In actuality, he gave me back to my son. We are finally whole again.

Michael agreed to handle the accident for my uncle and my sister, and immediately paid attention to informing us of the correct things to do. My sister is still recovering, and praises Michael. My uncle passed away four months after the accident. What seemed to be an accident immediately became a ”wrongful death.” Michael proceeded to move me forward in the process, handling both cases with compassion, knowledge and integrity. His staff was always right there for me as well. I know I benefited not just by being awarded a suitable settlement, but I now know it takes someone with his skills to do what’s needed. I would highly recommend calling upon him if you find yourself in a similar situation. I hope I never have to again, because we lost a precious family member, but I know where to go if I find myself in that situation again.

Tackling Police Brutality Across America

Our civil rights attorneys in Montgomery Alabama are ready at any moment to answer your call for excessive law enforcement force or even an unjust arrest or shooting of a loved one. We don’t rest until a judge brings the officer to trial and awards your family the highest settlement possible.

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