Did you know that the National Transportation Safety Association reported in 2018 that 151,000 people were injured in large truck accidents? Of those injured, 72% had been in other cars. Those driving on highways and streets should take great caution of semi-trailer trucks and the dangerous potential for the accidents they carry.

Although truck drivers obtain the proper licenses and training by their employers in order to drive a vehicle, factors outside their control cause truck accidents to be among the most deadly on the road. Simply driving a truck versus any other car provides a unique opportunity for all kinds of deadly situations to occur. The truck’s physical size and cargo are the causes, which sustain a variety of permanent injuries upon victims.

Weight and Height

Since the legal weight of an 18-wheeler on the road is 80,000 lbs, a 5,000 lbs passenger car will sustain nearly all damage in a head-on collision. Air bags are present and ready to assist victims in the case of truck accidents, but only so much can be done to a heavy vehicle that has a harder time stopping than others. Its weight increases the time necessary to crank on the brakes, so even if a driver could foresee a truck accident, it does not mean it could save them nor the passenger car.

Thirteen and a half feet is the average height of a semi-truck, which leaves a lot of room for sedans and other short vehicles to slide underneath the truck’s underrage, especially at night when visibility is low. Victims are decapitated and their vehicle tops are shaved clean in most cases. In addition, taller trucks on the highway mean more toppling over and roll accidents, a phenomenon caused by imbalanced cargo, sharp turns and swerves. This leads to damage, not only to the truck driver and their vehicle, but also to other nearby cars.

Combustible and Robust Cargo

Chemicals, flammable materials and other large cargo is delivered in semi-trailer trucks and have a large chance of starting a disaster in the case of a truck accident. Some will catch on fire, spreading to surrounding fields and buildings, while others explode where they stand. Massive cargo pieces can fall out of a truck and bring injury to property and persons in the same location. These items are secured, balanced for weight and carry their own special training for drivers, but even in these truck accidents are unavoidable and make them dangerous.

Potential Injuries

Permanent and irreversible damage to the physical body and psychological self can occur from small and large scale truck accidents. Broken bones and fractures are seen as minor injuries in comparison to internal organ damage and spinal cord injuries. Paralysis is another possibility from truck accidents, although it is argued that the mental and emotional pain from this condition is far worse than the physical. Post-accident trauma is picked up by some near the time of the crash and can haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Have You or a Loved One Been in a Truck Accident?

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