Disaster Claims

Disaster Claims

Has your insurance claim been denied following the devastation of a natural disaster? Has the insurance company offered a settlement far below the actual value of your property? Have you accepted an unfair settlement?

Disaster Claims

Its Not Too Late…

The members of Strickland & Kendall have not limited their legal experience to just injury, death, and class action claims. As a result of the tragic tornadoes that plagued the state in 2011, a separate entity was formed to address only disaster claims due to the large number of claims that were being underpaid by insurance companies. With offices in Mobile and Montgomery; Strickland & Kendall was formed to exclusively represent businesses and individuals that suffered a property loss from tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, or other natural disasters as well as damages and losses from fires throughout the United States.

Recover from Disaster

We have experience in helping clients recover their losses from natural disasters. Even if your insurance company claims you have received the maximum settlement, there is often more that you can recover. If you have already accepted a settlement, you could be entitled to further compensation for your property's damages, whether commercial or residential. If your insurance company refuses to give you the settlement you deserve, contact us for a free consultation and review of your property damage claim today!

We Can Help!

For any questions relating to disaster claims please call 8008743528 or click here for more information on how we can help you. Regardless of where you are in the process of filing a claim, the Disaster Recovery Attorneys can advise you on how to protect your rights, ensure your insurance company takes you seriously, and demand they honor the commitments they made when they sold you a policy.

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Hear what our clients have to say

The night I received the message that one of my sisters, and an uncle who we looked upon as a family patriarch and loved like a brother, had been in serious accident with possibly life threatening injury, was one of the times in my life that my little world seemed to stop. The first week was filled with much stress as I was trying to handle insurance claims for my uncle, and my sister’s son was trying to handle her claims. I thought we could do it ourselves but it became very evident this was way over both of our heads. My husband had met Michael many years previously while working in sales, and always spoke highly of Michael as an attorney with good ethics and integrity. I agreed it was time to call Michael to find out how he could help.

In November 2016, a friend of mine gave me Michael’s number after my son was arrested for multiple felonies. I knew nothing about bail, criminal court, or what I could expect next. From day one, Michael was there to guide my son and I through the 18-month lawsuit that followed. Mr. Strickland made me as comfortable as I could be during the most difficult time of my life. His legal assistant, Debbie, also provided me with pep talks, mother to mother, as well as answered many of our questions. He kept us briefed and was always there to answer our concerns. Michael’s legal skills during the hearings made me glad he was on our side. At the final court date, we heard the phrase we have been waiting for: CHARGES DISMISSED. Mr. Strickland gave me my son back. In actuality, he gave me back to my son. We are finally whole again.

Michael agreed to handle the accident for my uncle and my sister, and immediately paid attention to informing us of the correct things to do. My sister is still recovering, and praises Michael. My uncle passed away four months after the accident. What seemed to be an accident immediately became a ”wrongful death.” Michael proceeded to move me forward in the process, handling both cases with compassion, knowledge and integrity. His staff was always right there for me as well. I know I benefited not just by being awarded a suitable settlement, but I now know it takes someone with his skills to do what’s needed. I would highly recommend calling upon him if you find yourself in a similar situation. I hope I never have to again, because we lost a precious family member, but I know where to go if I find myself in that situation again.

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