Did you know that in 2019, 11% of all motor vehicle deaths were from large truck accidents? On the surface, this may appear as a small figure, but when put into the context of 4,119 unnecessary casualties in addition to the 51% increase of losses per year since 2009, it becomes a huge number. The ramifications even beyond the large truck accident for grieving families and friends are horrible and continue to be as this year progresses.

At Strickland and Kendall, we take large truck accidents seriously because new statistics show undeniable trends of the danger these massive vehicles can cause. The United States Department of Transportation have been collecting key data on fatal large truck accidents since 1975 and continue to show these vehicles’ potential for major damage. We want to educate you on current large truck accident trends based on reliable statistics so you can be aware of this issue.

Passenger Vehicles at Risk

On the whole, a majority of victims in large truck accident cases are not from the truck: they are passengers in the other vehicle. 82% of passengers in cars, motorcycles, etc were killed in these crashes while only 16% were truckers, which apply to these accidents in general. However, the statistics become even more staggering when looking at two-vehicle accidents that involve large trucks where 97% of fatalities were passengers of other vehicles. It is clear that passengers are at risk in the case of large truck crashes no matter what the circumstances.

Since a large truck outweighs the average car by 20 to 30 times, it makes sense that passengers are more likely to fall prey to these kinds of deaths. 29% of passenger vehicle riders died in two-vehicle crashes where the opposing truck caused a head-on collision accident. For a large truck weighing around 80,000 lbs, it carries automatic shock absorption that protects its driver from serious harm while people in other vehicles suffer.

Not only the weight but also the height of a truck creates room for underride crashes where a vehicle runs under the side or rear of the truck, causing most victims to be decapitated. In two vehicle crashes, 24% of passengers from other vehicles had engaged in this kind of crash from the rear of a large truck. 13% were struck by the side of the truck, which could have either created another means for an underride situation or sent them toppling on the side of the road.

Don’t Stay a Victim! Call Today!

Current trends from The United States Department of Transportation do not lie: passenger vehicles are always at risk on the road against large trucks. This is why Strickland and Kendall seek to serve you with our professional truck accident lawyers, so you can have peace of mind. Whether you or a loved one has suffered the devastation of a large truck accident, we are here to help.

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