For those involved in truck auto accidents, the physical and psychological consequences afterward can be devastating. Your vehicle can be totaled by the force of the semi, your friends and loved ones can be injured or lost in the crash and your psychological well-being can be destroyed due to nightmares and trauma.

We believe at Strickland and Kendall that no victim of truck auto accidents should be expected to suffer injustice alone and pay the price for someone else’s negligence. You may be eligible for compensation as a result of your case, but for someone who does not understand the legalities behind semi-trailer accidents, it is difficult to know for sure.

Our team has assembled a keen list of questions to ask any truck accident lawyer you approach to make sure they are the right fit. Only an expert in the field with experience under their belt can help make the most of your tragedy and secure the compensation owed to you.

1). Who is responsible for the truck accident?

Many victims may assume at the outset of the case that the truck driver is at fault for the accident, but it could just as easily be their employer’s responsibility. Vicarious liability dictates that employers will be responsible for the crashes of their workers, but in other cases the driver would take responsibility for their own law breaking. Drinking and driving on the part of the accident-causer is an example of their own bad behavior creating fault for your case.

These legal technicalities for vicarious liability and “negligence per se” are situations identifiable by lawyer professionals with extensive knowledge of truck accident laws. Knowing who is responsible for your truck auto accident is key to choosing your lawyer. They need to be an expert in federal and state laws who can assess the direction your case needs to take.

2). How will the case be managed?

Miscommunication from the lawyer you choose is a worst-case scenario when securing the compensation you deserve. Assumptions may arise that once you hire a professional to handle your case, you will not have to take any other legal measures, but the truth is that tackling truck accident claims is a cooperative effort.

Whether through your lawyer, other truck accident attorneys brought into the case or yourself, they need to be upfront with all the parties that will be involved in the legal process. This will prepare you to do your part for taking back compensation and resting easy with awareness of how each piece of the truck accident case will be covered.

3). What is your experience with similar cases?

Any lawyer, with the help of a marketing team, can change their professional image to earn the most money in their legal career, but you need an expert whose track record is transparent. Be confident in the lawyer you choose for your truck accident case by reading real client testimonials and reviews of their character on websites such as and

It is never rude or intrusive to ask a potential truck accident lawyer for percentages in settled cases versus cases taken to trial. Have them tell you about key success and failure cases in detail, explaining what went well and what did not. To best assess whether a lawyer is right for your truck auto accident case and to fight for the compensation owed to you, you need someone with experience to back them up.

4). What are the legal fees in working with you?

Although most lawyers and firms work under a contingency fee basis, which means they will only be paid if you win the case, there may be other stipulations during the legal process. Free consultations are a common staple for victims that they can find with most experts in truck auto accidents, but potential fees that arrive during or after the case may be unexpected.

Every firm handles legal fees differently, so make sure to discuss with your truck accident lawyer about what their policy is. It might be that their additional costs for services may go above the compensation you would receive, which makes it vital to count the cost and evaluate whether it is worth it to select a particular truck accident lawyer.

5). How will you get me compensation?

The key question of how you will be paid for your tragedy in a semi-trailer accident can only be answered by a truck accident lawyer familiar with the case. They will be able to estimate from assessing your case and potential obstacles in the way how much compensation you can expect to obtain. Again, you need to compare that number to the legal fees attached to their services.

Securing financial compensation in court requires truck accident lawyers to go up against large trucking companies with lawyers and attorneys trained to keep your money out of reach. Does your potential truck accident lawyer have the experience and expertise necessary to settle your case? Before signing any paperwork with a legal professional at a firm, you need to be confident in their ability to take back your compensation.

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