As you already know, wrongful death is the most successful way to bring justice to your loved one that died due to someone else’s negligence. An experienced attorney files with you in court to earn the highest settlement.

What you may not understand is all wrongful death claims have a time limit, or a statute of limitations. While mourning the family member or friend, it could be too late to petition by the time it reaches the judge.

The worst part is that each state has different laws on how you can file. It may be the case that you do not have the legal right to file on behalf of your loved one.

We want to help you understand how to file and know how long you have to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Time is of the essence when your family is drowning in medical and funeral bills you did not ask for.

Our team wants to prevent the courts from denying you compensation when the responsible party’s careless actions caused the tragedy.

Which of my relatives can file for wrongful death?

Every state has unique wrongful death statues and restricts who can file. Even if your son or daughter passed due to a wrongful act, the courts may reject your petition.

For example, Alabama law says relatives cannot file for their family member or friend: only the victim’s personal representative or executor can. Other states like Georgia assign surviving spouses and other close parties to fight in court.

These state laws are difficult to navigate while you embrace the reality of your loss.

We recommend working with a Alabama wrongful death attorney or an experienced lawyer that practices law in your home state. They can explain who needs to file and keep you informed of the probate process as it unfolds in court.

Filing in Time with the Statute of Limitations

Our team understands the devastating loss that a loved one can have on you and your relatives. We have walked with thousands of families through all kinds of wrongful death scenarios, such as medical malpractice, auto accidents, and more.

The bad news is your court case is on a clock at the moment of public discovery of your loved one’s passing. Again, the statute of limitations determines how long you have.

Most states give 2 years before the wrongful death case is invalid, which seems like a lot of time before filing. However, most evidence will be lost if you do not begin working with a wrongful death lawyer.

An experienced team will take care of you while earning the highest settlement in court, allowing you the chance to move through trauma.

They take all economic, non-economic, and punitive damages from the wrongful death lawsuit into account so your family earns the money you deserve.

Earning the Highest Settlement in Court

Filing your wrongful death suit to the county or state court is the guaranteed way you can obtain compensation due to the deceased person’s accident.

It’s a sad reality that most businesses and hospitals are concerned, and reputation and money do not settle without attorneys involved. But this fact does work to your advantage since they would rather pay up than enter probate.

By working with a wrongful death attorney, you can work with experts that understand exactly how to earn your highest settlement. They fight insurance companies and judges to ensure your loved one’s death does not go to waste.

The last thing we want you to do is to carry the weight of the victim’s legacy and your family’s finances by yourself.

The First Step is to Petition & Consult with an Attorney

If you have the right to file for wrongful death, the first step is to petition the courts.

An expert wrongful death attorney can assist with the process and gather all the evidence on your behalf. They employ doctors, private investigators, and other professionals to help your family move forward from the tragedy.

Simply reach out to our experienced team and we take care of everything else. Our team does all the hard work gathering evidence and speaking in court to deliver real results. That means the highest compensation for you and your family.

You can reach out at (334)-269-3230 so we can hear your tragedy in a free consultation. Personal injury claims are also an option if your loved one did not pass away from the tragic accident.

Strickland & Kendall does not get paid until you do, so our team has genuine interest in supporting you during this challenging time.