You are not alone if you are struggling with finances after a doctor or hospital ended a loved one’s life.

Medical institutions slip the scapel and cause patient deaths more than you may think. Protecting reputation and profit, they settle as quickly as possible and let your family suffer without proper compensation.

A sizable court payout could cover food on the table, child support, and a roof over your family’s head.

The only problem is not knowing how much your cause is worth and whether it is enough to cover your unexpected expenses. You can get overwhelmed by funeral costs and medical bills in addition to regular debt and bills.

Thankfully, the United States justice system puts you and your family first and will hear your case to win fair compensation. By looking at the average medical malpractice settlement, you may be able to get an idea of what you’re eligible for.

Plus, it will help you discover whether your medical malpractice claim is worth settling in litigation. Or if you need an experienced wrongful death attorney to fight on your behalf in court.

What are the average medical malpractice settlement?

Medical malpractice death cases can be more severe than medical negligence claims, driving settlement costs up.

You can expect an average payout around $500,000 to $1 million for an unfortunate situation where a doctor or hospital killed a loved one. The price will vary for personal injury cases, but they can also earn top dollar if they met the damage cap.

Each wrongful death scenario is unique and a probate judge weighs each on its own accord. They make the final call as to how much you and your family deserve from the loved one’s death.

We recommend consulting with an expeirenced wrongful death attorney to estimate how much the defendant owes you.

What affects my medical malpractice settlement?

In average medical malpractice settlements, the damages you have suffered determine how much the judge should award.

Your loved one passing away does not necessitate a criminal trial if the doctor or hospital did not have malicious intent. They would normally receive the financial compensation if they survived the medical error.

But you still qualify for money paying for financial, emotional, and mental harm that your relatives have experienced. These include economic and non-economic damages that the court will evaluate.

Experienced wrongful death attorneys collect evidence and prepare medical malpractice lawsuits that prove these damages in court. You should reach out to one right after the death so you do not lose the chance to earn the highest settlement possible.

Economic Damages

These are concrete damages your family suffers as a result of a medical professional’s negligence. Lost wages, medical bills, and funeral costs are common examples for wrongful death.

It’s likely you have already received these in the mail or debt collectors have demanded you pay for them.

Non-Economic Damages

Unlike economic damages, non-economic damages have abstract value the judge decides during an official hearing. You will have trouble arguing a set amount for losing the relationship with your mother because these sufferings are priceless.

A medical malpractice lawyer will also help you receive compensation for PTSD and other emotional trauma as a result of the death.

Hospital vs. Doctor Settlements

You should keep in mind that an experienced attorney will approach your medical malpractice case depending on who the responsible medical party is.

We’ve seen trends where hopsital cases settle quicker and for larger sums than doctor cases. The judge and jury are more willing to shift blame onto an institution than an individual standing in the courtroom.

Protecting their reputation, wrongful death attorneys can get them to settle outside of court without much trouble.

Doctors, on the other hand, are stubborn in wrongful death cases involving your loved one’s passing. Their medical malpractice rate increases if they settle in probate, so they do everything to prevent it.

Compromising their career, they prioritize themselves rather than compensate your family.

This is why we advise you to work with a professional lawyer: they understand how to file against hospitals and doctors with the highest chance of success. You have a better shot at receiving all the money the defendant owes you with an expert attorney than without.


Right now is your sign if you have put off a medical malpractice situation because you did think you could earn enough. Experienced wrongful death attorneys can handle the case by fighting for you in probate, proving to the judge you deserve more.

Bypassing insurance adjusters and opposing attorneys, our team supports your family during this difficult time. We have helped hundreds of families with the loss of loved ones and understand you are suffering more than you could ever imagine.

Do not let doctors and hospitals protect their public image: expose them and prevent loss for future families. We can walk you through each step of how wrongful death lawsuits work and guide you during the process.

It is our pleasure to hear your story and build an attorney-client relationship as we work with you in all 50 states. By working with our medical malpractice attorneys, you will not have to experience pain and suffering in vain.

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